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Baby Turtles For Sale


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SO WHAT IS A FROZEN TURTLE?  “Frozen Turtle” is a term the industry uses to describe the practice of making hatchlings and small baby turtles available out of season.  July and August are typically the peak season for most American pet species.  Baby turtles are very popular all year long so in order to have small babies available in January to April or May, some breeders will refrigerate newly hatched babies forcing them into hibernation and then waking them up during the winter.  In some cases, if the breeder really knows what he is doing and has the proper facilities the “awakened” babies are OK but most of the time, in our experience, the mortality rate is very high.  We might select 50 frozen hatchlings and not have a single survivor at the end of the quarantine process.  So, instead of offering that type of animal, we will hold back a certain number of each species we have available during summer for shipment during the winter months.  Fortunately, we are located in South Florida so we can maintain year around ponds.  Needless to say, there is a cost involved with raising these little guys for several months so they will be a little more expensive and slightly larger than a “Frozen”.  Typically, depending on species, they will be around half-dollar size instead of quarter size.  Also we may pick up from wholesalers, imported species from warmer foreign climates.  All imports go through the same quarantine process.

Listed below are the species we normally carry at different times of the year.  While we occaisionally find a great deal on some of the more exotic species, we usually will offer them for sale at the Reptile Expos and shows we attend, mostly in Florida.  We instead concentrate on the species that make great pets.  We pretty much leave the exotics up to the specialized collectors.  That being said, if there is a certain species you are looking for and you do not see them here, please contact us as we do have some unusual critters in our ponds and are in contact with specialized collectors and breeders all the time.  

All of the Turtles & Tortoises we sell are captive bred either by us or one of our select quality breeder partners.  Certain breeders specialize in different species.  If the animal was not bred by us, it was hand selected for health and appearance and has been placed in one of our quarantine ponds for a minimum of 30 to 60 days to insure the animal is healthy and active before we make them available for sale.  Unlike some Internet drop shippers who never even see the animals they are sending to their customers, we do not sell hatchlings or “Frozen Turtles”.  These animals have high mortality rates and may seem perfectly fine upon arrival only to be found floating face down 2 or 3 weeks later leading the customer to believe they did something wrong.  As a result of the quarantine process, our baby turtles are a tiny bit larger (maybe ¼ inch) than hatchlings.  The process also allows us to get the baby started on commercial food pellets so the customer isn’t locked in to some special diet.

side-necks & snake-necks

Family: chelidae

softshell turtles

Family: trionychidae

Family: kinostemidae

Family: chelydridae


Family: testudinidae

mud & musk turtles

Family: geoemydidae

eurasian pond turtles



Family: emydidae