This is an alphabetical list of the currently recognized tortoise genera, species, and subspecies. Sizes listed are typical.

1.  Genus:
Agrionemys(or Testudo)- Central Asian Tortoises (Note: This is now considered to be Testudo since they freely interbreed with other members of Testudo.)
Range: Southwestern Europe and Southeastern Asia in steppe habitats.
Size: 9 in/22 cm
Agrionemys horsfieldii, Horsfield’s Tortoise

  • Agrionemys horsfieldii horsfieldii, Russian, steppe, or Horsfield’s tortoise
  • Agrionemys horsfieldii bogdanovi, Fergina Valley steppe tortoise
  • Agrionemys horsfieldii kazachstandica, Kazakhstan steppe tortoise
  • Agrionemys horsfieldii kuznetzovi, Turkmenistan steppe tortoise
  • Agrionemys horsfieldii rustamovi, Kopet-Dag steppe tortoise
  • Agrionemys horsfieldii terbishi, Mongolian steppe tortoise

2.  Genus:Aldabrachelys- Seychelles Giant Tortoises (Note: The last three species listed here are probably extinct, but unusual specimens of Aldabran tortoises have been found in zoos, private collections, and at a few very remote sites. They are believed to be examples of the last three species, but there is a lot of debate on this.)
Range: Seychelle Island group off eastern Africa.
Size: 47 in/120 cm
Aldabrachelys gigantea, Aldabra giant tortoise

  • Aldabrachelys gigantea gigantea, Aldabara giant tortoise
  • Aldabrachelys gigantea arnoldi, Arnold’s giant tortoise possibly extinct
  • Aldabrachelys gigantea daudinii, Daudin’s giant tortoise possibly extinct
  • Aldabrachelys gigantea hololissa, Seychelle giant tortoise possibly extinct

3.  Genus:Astrochelys - Radiated Tortoises (Note: ALL tortoises from Madagascar are critically endangered due to habitat destruction and over-collection.)
Range: Madagascar, off southeastern Africa.
Size: 16 in/40 cm
Astrochelys radiata, Radiated tortoise, endangered

Astrochelys yniphora, Angulated or Plowshare tortoise, critically endangered, less than 200 in the wild

4.  Genus:Chelonoidis (or Geochelone) - South American Tortoises
Range: Southern part of Central America to South America, and assorted islands. 
Chelonoidis carbonaria, Red-footed tortoise (May have up to 5 sub-species or species- such as Northern, Northeastern, Northwestern, Southern and Eastern)

Size: 14 in/36 cm
Chelonoidis chilensis, pampas or Chilean tortoise, S. America, Size: 10in/26cm
Chelonoidis denticulata, yellow-footed tortoise, S. America, Size: 16in/40cm
Chelonoidis nigra, Galápagos giant tortoise complex S. America, Size: 48 in/122 cm, endangered unless otherwise noted. Exact division of species and sub- species is debatable.

  • Chelonoidis nigra nigra, Charles Island giant tortoise, possibly extinct

Chelonoidis abingdonii. Abingdon Island giant tortoise, considered extinct as of 2012
Chelonoidis becki, Vulcan Wolf giant tortoise
Chelonoidis chathamensis, Chatham Island giant tortoise
Chelonoidis darwini, James Island giant tortoise
Chelonoidis duncanensis, Duncan Island giant tortoise, critically endangered
Chelonoidis hoodensis, Hood Island giant tortoise, critically endangered
Chelonoidis phantastica, Narborough Island giant tortoise, probably extinct
Chelonoidis porter, Indefatigable Island giant tortoise

Chelonoidis vincina, Isabela Island giant tortoise
Chelonoidis petersi, Peter's tortoise, S. America, Size: 10in/36cm. Considered a type or subspecies of the Chaco tortoise by many sources.

5.  Genus: Centrochelys (or Geochelone)- African Tortoise
Range: Southern edge of the Sahara in northern Africa.
Size: 30 in/76 cm
Geochelone sulcata, African spurred or 'sulcata' tortoise

6. Genus: Chersina - Bowsprit Tortoise
Range: South Africa.
Size: 8 in/20 cm
Chersina angulata, bowsprit tortoise, threatened

7.  Genus:
Chersine (or Testudo) Hermann’s Tortoise
Range: Southern Europe.
Size: 8 in/20 cm
Chersine hermanni, Hermann’s tortoise

  • Chersine hermanni hermanii, western Hermann’s tortoise
  • Chersine hermanni boettgeri, eastern Hermann’s tortoise

8. Genus:Geochelone ‘Typical’ Tortoises
Range: South-central Asia- India and Myanmar.
Size: 10 in/26 cm
Geochelone elegans, Indian star tortoise
Geochelone platynota, Burmese star tortoise, critically endangered, nearly extinct in the wild

9. Genus:
Gopherus - Gopher Tortoises
Range: Southern United States and northern Mexico.
Gopherus agassizii, desert tortoise, Size: 15 in/38 cm, critically endangered
Gopherus berlandieri, Texas tortoise, Size: 8 in/20 cm, threatened
Gopherus flavomarginatus, Bolson or Mexican giant tortoise, Size: 18 in/46 cm, endangered
Gopherus polyphemus, gopher tortoise, Size: 12 in/30 cm, endangered


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