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10.  Genus:Homopus - ‘Padlopers’ or Cape Tortoises
Range: Southern Africa.
Homopus aerolatus, parrot-beaked cape tortoise, Size: 12 in/30 cm, threatened
Homopus boulengeri, Boulenger's cape tortoise, Size: 4 in/12 cm, threatened
Homopus femoralis, Karroo cape tortoise, Size: 10 in/15 cm, threatened
Homopus signatus, speckled cape padloper, Size: 4 in/10 cm, critically endangered
Homopus solux, Nama padloper, endangered

11.  Genus: Indotestudo Asian Tortoises.
Range: Southern Asia and related islands.
Size: 12 in/30 cm
Indotestudo elongata, elongated tortoise
Indotestudo forstenii, Forsten’s tortoise, endangered
Indotestudo travancorica, Travancore tortoise, endangered

12.  Genus:Kinixys - Hingeback Tortoises
Range: Southern Africa.
Kinixys belliana, Bell's hingeback tortoise Size: 8 in/20 cm, threatened

  • Kinixys belliana belliana, Bell’s hingeback tortoise
  • Kinixys belliana domerguei, Madagascan hingeback tortoise
  • Kinixys belliana nogueyi, western hingeback tortoise
  • Kinixys belliana zombensis, southeastern hingeback tortoise

Kinixys erosa, serrated hingeback tortoise, Size: 12 in/30 cm, threatened
Kinixys homeana, Home's hingeback tortoise, Size: 8 in/20 cm, threatened
Kinixys lobatsiana, Lobatse hingeback tortoise, Size: 6 in/15 cm, threatened
Kinixys natalensis, Natal hingeback tortoise, Size: 6 in/15 cm, threatened
Kinixys spekii, Speke's hingeback tortoise, Size: 8 in/20 cm, threatened

13.  Genus: Malacochersus - Pancake Tortoise
Range: Tanzania and Kenya in Africa.
Size: 7in/18cm
Malacochersus tornieri, pancake tortoise, threatened

14.  Genus:Manouria - Indochinese Tortoises
Range: South-central Asia.
Size: 24in/60cm
Manouria emys, Asian giant tortoise, critically endangered

  • Manouria emys emys, Asian brown giant tortoise
  • Manouria emys phayrei. Burmese black giant tortoise

Manouria impressa, impressed tortoise, Asia, Size: 12in/30cm, threatened

15.  Genus:Psammobates -  South African Star Tortoises
Range: Southern Africa
Size: 6in/15cm
Psammobates geometricus, geometric tortoise, critically endangered
Psammobates oculifer, serrated star tortoise, endangered
Psammobates tentorius, African tent tortoise, endangered

  • Psammobates tentorius tentorius, southern or common tent tortoise
  • Psammobates tentorius trimeni, western tent tortoise
  • Psammobates tentorius verroxii, northern tent tortoise

16.  Genus: Pyxis, Spider Tortoises, (Note: ALL tortoises from Madagascar are critically endangered due to habitat destruction and over-collection.)
Range: Madagascar
Size: 6 in/15 cm
Pyxis arachnoides, spider tortoise

  • Pyxis arachnoides aracnoides, common spider tortoise
  • Pyxis arachnoides brygooi, northern spider tortoise
  • Pyxis arachnoides oblonga, southern spider tortoise

Pyxis planicauda, Madagascan flat-tailed tortoise

17.  Genus:Stigmochelys (or Geochelone), Leopard Tortoises
Range: Savannahs of eastern and southern Africa
Size: 18 in/46 cm
Stigmochelys pardalis, leopard tortoise

  • Stigmochelys pardalis pardalis, common or northern leopard tortoise
  • Stigmochelys pardalis babcocki, southern leopard tortoise

18.  Genus:Testudo - Mediterranean or Paleartic Tortoises, (Note: This species is undergoing revision and re-evaluation.)
Range: Mediterranean Ocean region
Size: 8 in/20 cm
Testudo graeca, Greek or spur-thighed tortoise complex

  • Testudo graeca graeca, Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise (Linnaeus, 1758)
  • Testudo graeca armeniaca, Araxes tortoise
  • Testudo graeca buxtoni, Buxton’s tortoise
  • Testudo graeca cyrenaica, Cyrenanican spur-thighed tortoise
  • Testudo graeca iberia, Asia Minor tortoise
  • Testudo graeca marrokensis, Morocco tortoise
  • Testudo graeca nabeulensis, Nabeul tortoise
  • Testudo graeca soussensis, Souss Valley tortoise
  • Testudo graeca terrestris, Mesopotamian tortoise
  • Testudo graeca zarudny, Iranian tortoise

Testudo kleinmanni, Egyptian or Negev tortoise, Size: 6in/15cm, critically endangered
Testudo marginata, marginated tortoise, Size: 15in/38cm


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