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Snapping turtles are noted for their belligerent dispositions when out of the water. They have powerful beak-like jaws, and highly mobile heads and necks (hence the specific name serpentina, meaning "snake-like"). Snapping turtles sometimes bask—though rarely observed—by floating on the surface with only their carapaces exposed, though in the northern parts of their range, they also readily bask on fallen logs in early spring. In shallow waters, Snapping Turtles may lie beneath a muddy bottom with only their heads exposed, stretching their long necks to the surface for an occasional breath (their nostrils are positioned on the very tip of the snout, effectively functioning as snorkels). Snapping turtles have fierce dispositions; but when encountered in the water, they usually slip quietly away from any disturbance. Snapping turtles have evolved the ability to snap because, unlike other turtles, they are too large to hide in their shells when confronted. Snapping is their defense mechanism. Snapping turtles will bite humans if threatened, but as a last resort. The turtle will try to scare off threats by hissing before it bites. Snapping turtles are the largest of the freshwater turtles inhabiting the United States. Their general form is well known. The dull, rough carapace or upper shell, with its heavy keels and marginal serrations, the proportionately huge and sinister looking head, and a long, fleshy tail, with an alligator-like crest, combine to make these turtles unique. The plastron, or flat belly portion of the shell, is insignificantly small and narrow and affords comparatively no protection. The snapping turtle's head and tail cannot be completely withdrawn into the shell like their box turtle cousins.

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Florida Snapping Turtle

genus / species:  chelydra / serpentina:osceola

Common Snapping  Turtle

genus / species:  chelydra / serpentina

​Family:  Emydidae

Nauti-Lass snapping  Turtles