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1.  We could not locate any license or permit that allows for the commercial take, sale or possession with intent to sell native turtles. We

     therefore assume it is not allowed and the personal regulations above prevail.



Common Map Turtle Graptemys geographica
Common Musk Turtle (Stinkpot)
Sternotherus odoratus
Common Snapping Turtle
Chelydra serpentina serpentina
Eastern Box Turtle
Terrapene carolina carolina
Eastern Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta picta
Eastern River Cooter Pseudemys concinna concinna
Eastern Spiny Softshell
Apalone spinifera spinifera


1.  It is unclear if a Fishing License is required to take turtles. However, there are bag limits and collection dates shown in the fishing

     regulations. Therefore, we assume a license would be required.
2.  The following species may not be taken: Spotted Turtle, Wood Turtle, Northern Map Turtle, Ouachita Map Turtle, River Cooter and

     Northern Red-bellied Cooter plus any federally protected species.
3.  It is unlawful to use a firearm, crossbow, dynamite or any like explosive, or a poisonous mixture placed in the water for the purpose of

     killing or taking aquatic turtles
4.  It is unlawful to take fish, frogs, aquatic turtles or other aquatic life from a state fish hatchery.
5.  The daily creel limit of eastern snapping turtle and eastern spiny softshell is ten (10) turtles and the possession limit is twenty (20)

     turtles. Only West Virginia Residents may take or possess turtles.
6.  Turtles may be taken only between January 1 and May 15 and July 15 and December 31.

1.  The state only regulates species native to the state.  A person possessing a native animal in captivity as a "pet" must obtain a permit.

     However, there are no state laws governing private possession of exotic animals.
2.  It is unlawful to possess: wood turtle, spotted turtle, northern map turtle, Ouachita map turtle and midland smooth softshell turtle.
3.  The possession limit for of Eastern Snapping turtle and Eastern Spiny Softshell is 20
4.  The total possession limit for all other native turtles is four (4) turtles in aggregate. Only West Virginia Residents may take or possess

5.  A fee of $2.00 is issued to get a permit for native species that were legally acquired.
6.  It is unlawful to sell turtles or turtle parts in West Virginia.



Midland Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta marginata
Midland Smooth Softshell
Apalone mutica mutica
Northern Redbelly Turtle Pseudemys rubriventris
Ouachita Map Turtle
Graptemys ouachitensis ouachitensis
Red-eared Slider
Trachemys scripta elegans
Spotted Turtle
Clemmys guttata
Wood Turtle
Glyptemys insculpta

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