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1.  It is unlawful to take live wildlife from the wild without a permit issued by the director. It is unclear as to what permit is required for

     turtles. The issue however, may be mute as all of Washington’s native turtles are either protected or banned from possession.

1.  The following species may not be possessed, imported, purchased, sold, propagated, transported, or released into state waters

  • All members of the family Chelydridae, snapping turtles, all species
  • All members of the genus Chinemys, Reeves etc
  • All members of the genus Clemmys, Spotted, Wood & Bog Turtles
  • Emys orbicularis European Pond Turtle
  • All members of the genus Mauremys, Asian Pond Turtles
  • All members of the genus Apalone, Softshells

2.  The unlawful use of a prohibited aquatic animal species is a gross misdemeanor. A second violation within five years is a class C felony.
3.  The western pond turtle Clemmys marmorata and painted turtle Chrysemys picta are state-listed as endangered or threatened and as such

     are protected.
4.  It is unlawful to release any species into the wild
5.  It is against the law to transport live fish or live wildlife without a permit




Northern Pacific Pond Turtle Emys marmorata marmorata
Western Painted Turtle
Chrysemys picta bellii
Western pond turtle
Clemmys marmorata