1.  Oregon has only two native turtles: the Western Painted and the Western Pond. They are both protected by law; it is illegal to take them

     from the wild and to keep them as pets.
2.  It is unlawful to release any non-native species into the wild
3.  Except for federally protected species, turtles listed below may be imported, possessed, sold, purchased, exchanged or transported in the

     state without a permit:
        (A) Pignose turtles -- Carettochelyidae -- All species;
        (B) Austro--American side-necked turtles -- Chelidae -- All species;
        (C) River turtles -- Dermatemydidae -- All species;
        (D) Pond and box turtles -- Emydidae -- All nonnative species except Pseudemys spp., Trachemys spp., Chinemys spp., Clemmys spp.,

             Chrysemys spp., Graptemys spp., Emys orbicularis, Emydoidea blandingii and Mauremys spp.
        (E) American mud and musk turtles -- Kinosternidae -- All species except Kinosternon subrubrum and K. odoratum;
        (F) Afro-American side-necked turtles -- Pelomedusidae -- All species;
        (G) Bighead turtles -- Platysternidae -- All species;
        (H) Tortoises -- Testudinidae -- All species;
        (I) Softshell turtles -- Trionychidae -- All species except Apolone spp. and Trionyx triunguis.

4.  Live wildlife listed below may not be imported, possessed, sold, purchased, exchanged or transported in the state:
        (A) Snapping turtle -- Chelydridae -- All species and hybrids;
        (B) Chinese pond turtle -- Emydidae -- Chinemys All species and hybrids;
        (C) Pond turtle -- Emydidae -- Clemmys All nonnative species;
        (D) Painted turtle -- Emydidae -- Chrysemys All nonnative sub-species;
        (E) European pond turtle -- Emydidae -- Emys orbicularis;
        (F) Blanding’s turtle -- Emydidae -- Emydoidea blandingii;
        (G) Map turtle -- Emydidae -- Graptemys All species and hybrids;
        (H) Asian pond turtle -- Emydidae -- Mauremys All species and hybrids;
        (I) Pond slider -- Emydidae -- Pseudemys and Trachemys All species and hybrids;
        (J) Common musk turtle -- Kinosternidae -- Kinosternon odoratum;
        (K) Common mud turtle -- Kinosternidae -- Kinosternon subrubrum;
        (L) North American soft shell -- Trionychidae -- Apalone All species and hybrids;
        (M) African soft shell -- Trionychidae -- Trionyx triunguis.


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Northern Pacific Pond Turtle Emys marmorata marmorata
Western Painted Turtle
Chrysemys picta bellii