1.  Native reptiles may be imported and exported for commercial purposes only with a permit. All such animals must have originated outside

     of Mississippi or purchased from a person holding a wildlife captive propagation permit. Records are required.
2.  Anyone who wishes to take Common Snapping Turtles for commercial purposes must have a Comercial Fishing License and a Snapping

     Turtle Permit. There are no possession limits for permit holders. No Snapper with a SCL of less than 12" may be taken.
3.  A person who holds a valid commercial Captive Propagation Permit may possess up to 8 individuals of any species or sub-species taken

     from the wild inside Mississippi.

1.  A small game hunting / fishing license is required to take native reptiles for personal use. They may not be sold.
2.  Only 1 Alligator Snapper may be taken between July 1 – Mar 31. It must have a minimum SCL of 24".
3.  Turtles mentioned in (Possession 1.) above may not be taken.

1.  It is unlawful to take, possess, transport, export, sell or offer for sale or shipment any of the following: Gopher Tortoise, Alabama Red

     Belly Turtle, Ringed Sawback, Yellow-blotched Sawback or any Sea Turtle.
2.  No person shall possess more than 20 reptiles with no more than 4 being of the same species or sub-species
3.  Only one Alligator Snapping Turtle may be possessed at any time. It must have a minimum SCL of 24"
4.  The harvest, possession, shipment, sale or transport of any turtle or tortoise eggs is unlawful.
5.  Wild caught reptiles may not be sold, bought, offered for sale, bartered or offered for sale.

6.  Genetic color mutants such as albinos etc., are exempt from possession regulations.
7.  Mississippi law does not address the issue of non-native turtles. It is therefore assumed they are not regulated.
8.  A permit is required to propagate native reptiles





Midland Smooth Softshell Apalone mutica mutica
Mississippi Diamondback Terrapin
Malaclemys terrapin pileata
Mississippi Map Turtle
Graptemys kohnii
Mississippi Mud Turtle Kinosternon subrubrum hippocrepis
Ouachita Map Turtle
Graptemys ouachitensis ouachitensis
Razorback Musk Turtle
Sternotherus carinatus
Ringed Map Turtle Graptemys oculifera
Red-eared Slider
Trachemys scripta elegans
Stripeneck Musk Turtle
Sternotherus minor peltifer
Southern Painted Turtle
Chrysemys picta dorsalis
Three-toed Box Turtle
Terrapene carolina triunguis
Western Chicken Turtle
Deirochelys reticularia miaria
Yellow-blotched Map Turtle Graptemys flavimaculata
Yellowbelly Slider Trachemys scripta scripta

Alabama Map Turtle Graptemys pulchra
Alabama Redbelly Turtle Pseudemys alabamensis
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Macroclemys temmincki
Black-knobbed Map Turtle
Graptemys nigrinoda nigrinoda
Common Musk Turtle (Stinkpot)
Sternotherus odoratus
Common Snapping Turtle
Chelydra serpentina serpentina
Eastern Box Turtle
Terrapene carolina carolina
Eastern Chicken Turtle
Deirochelys reticularia reticularia
Eastern Mud Turtle
Kinosternon subrubrum subrubrum
Florida Cooter
Pseudemys floridana floridana
Gopher Tortoise
Gopherus polyphemus
Gulf Coast Smooth Softshell
Apalone mutica calvata
Gulf Coast Spiny Softshell
Apalone spinifera aspera
Loggerhead Musk Turtle
Sternotherus minor minor


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