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1.  A Commercial Wildlife Facility Permit is required for any facility where the operator obtains or possesses wildlife for any commercial

     purposes, including exhibition, education, entertainment or sale.
2.  No person shall buy, purchase, exchange or trade, or offer or attempt to do so, or sell, trade, barter, or offer for sale, trade, barter, or

     attempt to do so, any native reptile.

1.  It is illegal to collect, harm or otherwise remove a protected non-game species from its natural habitat. The Painted Turtle and Western

     Pond Turtle are protected.

1.  All captive wildlife in possession must be accompanied by proof that said wildlife was legally obtained. Amphibians and reptiles native to

     Idaho may not be sold or purchased.
2.  There is a maximum possession limit of 4 native species
3.  No wildlife held in captivity for any length of may be released into the wild.
4.  Wildlife held in captivity may be disposed of by gift to another person. Wildlife gifted to another person must be accompanied by proof

     that this wildlife was legally obtained. This requirement may be met by the use of a signed "proxy" statement showing taker’s name,

     address, license number and species and number of wildlife gifted. Gifted animals may not exceed the possession limit.
5.  The possession, importation, shipping or transportation of live red-eared slider turtles and snapping turtles is prohibited without a permit.
6.  Wildlife legally taken outside of Idaho, may be possessed and/or sold in Idaho (after import permit entry)

7.  No permit is required to keep amphibians and reptiles for non-commercial purposes.
8.  An import permit is required to import any live wildlife into Idaho, except those considered common conventional household pets. Wildlife

     imported from out of state pet stores/wildlife warehouses still require permits. The permit must be in hand before the wildlife enters






Western Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta bellii