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Pseudemys concinna hieroglyphica

Pseudemys gorzugi

Pseudemys floridana

Pseudemys nelsoni

Pseudemys concinna concinna

Pseudemys peninsularis

Pseudemys rubriventris

River cooters and pond cooters are large, aquatic, hard-shelled turtles, primarily found in the southeastern United States. However, there are some species also found in the southwest. Cooters — all turtles in the Pseudemys genus — also include the red-bellied turtles, which are similar in their habitats, behavior and food preferences. Telling the cooters apart is often a tricky task for even experienced biologists. Often, knowing a specimen’s geographic origin is the best way to determine species. Cooters do well in aquariums and backyard ponds when the water is kept clean and filtered. However, keep in mind that cooters grow to large sizes. Adult river cooters can be big, with some females reaching 16 inches and weighing 8 to 11 pounds. They are generally larger than can be kept in an indoor aquarium setup. However, the males of most species are generally slightly smaller (9 to 10 inches) than the females and may do well in large tanks or outdoor ponds.

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Rio Grande Cooter

Eastern River Cooter

Florida Cooter

Hieroglyphic River Cooter

Florida Red-bellied Cooter

Northern Red-Bellied Cooter

​Penninsula Cooter