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The box turtle is a species like no other. With a beautifully powerful shell and gentle demeanor, it’s popular among pet owners and wildlife enthusiasts alike. This timid creature is native to both the United States and Mexico, though there is an Asian species of box turtles living in the Eastern region of the globe. Box turtles are easy-going reptiles whose needs in captivity are relatively complex, though this does not stop animal lovers from making them common pets. They make popular pets because they are relatively docile but still somewhat exotic looking. Some of the species/subspecies come in brilliant colors and designs. Most box turtles are safe to pick up and will not bite humans; but you should still not pick them up too often or tempt fate by brushing your finger at their snout. These special creatures average six to eight inches in length, with some in Florida spanning to almost 12 inches. Males will have longer tails than females. Box turtles have a moveable hinge on the lower shell that allows them to retract inside the shell and then completely close up, leaving no flesh exposed, thus the name. Many subspecies of box turtle are protected and are illegal to own in many states without special license to keep. If one of these turtles are indigenous to the state you live in, chances are high that it is illegal to keep as a pet.

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